Brighten up your culinary creations with Fantastory's 21-color edible glitter set, including rainbow sparkles and metallic hues for dazzling drinks and desserts. Made from safe, 100% edible ingredients with a convenient shaker lid, it's perfect for adding a magical touch to any occasion.
  • A Spectrum of Sparkle - 21 Dazzling Colors: Unleash your culinary creativity with Fantastory edible glitter's 21 mesmerizing colors,including unique iridescent glitter,gold,pink,red,silver, and purple hues, among others. Transform your cocktails and baked treats into a canvas of vibrant shimmer. Each jar is filled with 3 grams of fine drink glitter,ensuring prolonged use
  • Non-Toxic Safety: Crafted from 100% edible ingredients, Fantastory cocktail glitter set is safe and certified. Free from harmful chemicals,gluten,dairy,and sugar. Enhance your dishes with confidence, knowing dazzle edible drink glitter dust set remain as delicious as they are attractive, free from any unwanted taste or odor.
  • Effortless Elegance in Every Sprinkle: Fantastory user-friendly sifter cap design allows for a simple, even sprinkling of elegance onto any beverage or dish. Whether it's a lavish cake or a sophisticated cocktail, our luster dust edible adds a luxurious touch. Of course, you can also apply the cake glitter dust edible to your cookies using a brush or spray gun.
  • Versatile Magic for Every Occasion: From captivating cocktails to glittering desserts, the magical shimmer of edible dust in Fantasy drink glitter edible dust is the perfect choice to add charm to any food, from fondant and cakes to beer and more. Its sparkle makes it ideal for any celebration - Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. Light up your table with magic!
  • Our Promise to You - Delight in Every Jar: As culinary artists or home enthusiasts, we're confident you'll fall in love with Fantastory sprinkles edible glitter. 

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