Fantastory Long Soft Chalk Pastels Set, 72 Sticks,Includes 5 Fluorescent Colors,Non Toxic Soft Pastels for Artists,Kids,Beginners,Students,Classroom,Drawing,Blending,Layering,Nail Art
Extra Quantity& Lengthy Size: Fantastory 72 Sticks(70 Colors) Chalk Pastels Set comes with 2 black and 2 white chalks, preventing quick depletion of these essential colors. It also includes 5 distinct fluorescent colors to make your artwork shine under blacklight. The 2.5" long square-shaped pastel chalks offer extended usage.
Non-Toxic Assurance: Fantastory chalk pastels made from high-quality powders are CE certified.They not only excel in safety during art creation but also break traditional boundaries by blending crushed chalk with acrylic powder, creating cutting-edge nail art. Whether it's children just starting their artistic journey or experienced professionals, they ensure the safety of users.
For Various Art Styless: The soft texture of these art chalk allows smooth drawing, blending, and coloring on paper as well as traditional boards, blackboards, and even sidewalks. Compared to Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels achieve more impressive and vibrant artistic effects, thanks to its finely textured pastel particles. Fantastory pastels are a versatile tool for artists.
Exceptional Gift: Fantastory soft pastels are securely placed in individual slots within a beautiful box, minimizing the risk of breakage. On occasions like birthdays, graduations, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas, consider giving this thoughtful gift to friends or family who are art enthusiasts, DIY creators, and skill enhancers.

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